Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Recent Round Up

Since Director's Cut I've been over to Wales a couple more times with ticks including The Wire in Parisella's Cave and Chris Doyle's cool traverse of Pill Box Wall Drink Driving. These are both power endurance 8A+s, though on DD I could keep my feet low on better holds than the previous ascentionists so I don't think it's more than 8A for me.

Last winter my friends and I started to spend quite a bit of time climbing at Anston Stones, a nice set of small limestone buttresses lying to the east of Sheffield. Once again this year it's turning out to be a saviour for those of us who aren't so fond of 'luck based scrittle' as it stays largely dry through the winter months when  the Peak lime is dripping. Whilst the kneebar potential here might be somewhat more limited than in Parisella's, my quest to trick my way through everything continues unabated...
Magnum, 7C+ (Photo: Chris Lockyer)
Be like Jerry Dave Graham (Photo: Chris Lockyer)
After a Christmas week getting fat it's off to Font for 2 weeks. I've not been on a bouldering trip for 3 years now and I'm getting pretty excited!

Here's a pic I got sent by a chap I met at Parisella's when I was trying Director's. Beautiful rainbow, beautiful van...
Photo: James O'Neil